VCE Excavator Team Paid a Visit to SDLG
Release Date: 2019.09.17 Views: 438

Recently, Andy Knight, Vice President of VCE Excavator Operations, Robert Li, President of VCE Shanghai Plant, and Chang Soonwoo, Head of Excavator Production Office, visited SDLG, accompanied by General Manager of SDLG Wen Degang and Deputy General Manager Ma Xingqing.

Andy Knight and his delegation visited the Lingong Technology Exhibition Center, Wheel Loader Assembly Workshop, Axle Workshop, MCV Workshop, Cab Workshop, Excavator Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop and Assembly Workshop. During the visit, they highly appreciated SDLG systematically production site, high-efficient automation equipment, employees’ passion for innovation.


General Manager Wen Degang pointed out that in recent years, SDLG has further implemented LPS, excellent performance management mode, all involved innovation management. The automation, digitalization, networking and intelligent level of production and operation have been continuously improved. At the meantime, the core competitiveness of the enterprise has been significantly enhanced.

VCE excavator team and SDLG also exchanged viewpoints on the outlook of machinery industry market and the application of technology, such as the Internet and big data. Both sides showed the intention to strengthen cooperation and promote mutual development.