SDLG Top Driver launched in Kazakhstan
Release Date: 2019.09.19 Views: 344

The high expected “SDLG Top Driver” launched firstly in Kazakhstan on September 18th and the announcement is been jointly made by SDLG and its local dealer TOO Sevalo Engineering Machinery in Almaty. 


SDLG Top Driver is a well-known public benefit activities in the industry, started from China in 2013 and came to Thailand in 2015, Russia in 2016. It has achieved great success and social attention until now in those markets. Now it comes to Kazakhstan while Chinese machinery has a great presence here. Mr. Azamat (GM of Kazakhstan Sevalo) and Mr. Shi Dong (VCM of SDLG Export Co.) joined the ceremony with more than 100 participants, include sub-dealers, VIP customers, industrial friends and media reporters from all over Kazakhstan.

Fight Together! Dream Together! It is the vision of SDLG Top Driver, while it is always like that. SDLG not only offers the full range of high quality products and timely service to local customers, also it wants to provide more. So SDLG hopes to bring the knowledge to local machinery operators by a series of matches, surely brings the positive energy to local society and push the harmony development in Kazakhstan. 



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