“Sharing care, Caring service” - the quality visit in Latin America
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The quality visit in Latin America, jointly conducted by SDLG team combined by person from R&D, production, sales, and service functions, came to a satisfactory close on October 19.

The western brand construction machinery predominate Latin America before SDLG entered in 2009. Focusing on products and service, exploring users’ true requirements, optimizing performance in a down-to-earth way, , more and more users know SDLG, its products & service. With a decade’s development, SDLG now enjoys the title of No. 1 Chinese wheel loader brand here.


On the occasion of 10 years anniversary, SDLG organized this quality visit. It started on October 5, lasted 15 days and covered more than 10,000 kilometers, involving sun-exposed plateau working condition in Brazil, agricultural working condition of the Pampas of Argentina and dozens of other typical working conditions.


Taking every working site seriously, SDLG team carefully inspected machine and troubleshot problems. Listening to users by in-depth communication and providing the best suggestion, the problem is solved and customers knew SDLG better, while SDLG also collected more useful information for future improvement. Poteltex, equipment manager said, “SDLG’s service is always timely. I can always get the parts when I am in need, SDLG is better than others”. “With the help of LG936L, the work efficiency is highly increased. Now we can feed 500 cattle in 2 hours v.s. 4 hours with the tractor equipped with a bucket. SDLG product is Excellent”, Nicolus, the farmer from Argentina said proudly.


SDLG service is always at the back of users and ready to response. This is what we want to deliver to users.” the service manager, Chen Wei said. Sharing care, Caring service, SDLG commits to focus on customers and live up to the customers’ trust.

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