SDLG-branded high-speed train made its debut
Release Date: 2019.12.13 Views: 475

On December 13th, 2019, the SDLG-branded high-speed train G5531 was debuted at Linyi North Railway station which travelled from Linyi city to Qufu city in Shandong Province. This SDLG high-speed train would run through China for one year.  

China's high-speed railway is often referred to as "China's high-speed rail" which is famous for its most complete system technology, the strongest integration capability, the longest operating mileage, the highest speed of operation in the world. SDLG machinery has always been actively involving in high-speed rail construction. Just like high-speed train’s characters – speed, comfort and reliability, SDLG keeps its commitment to provide the reliable machine and service to the customers with short response time.

Warmly welcome to visit SDLG plant by taking SDLG-branded high-speed train. 

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