SDLG breaks monthly sales record in Russia
Release Date: 2020.03.02 Views: 592

Sales in Ukraine are also heating up thanks to SDLG’s customer care visits and excellent aftermarket sales service.


Ukrainian customer ООО 《Дорожный ремонт》takes delivery of an SDLG motor grader G9165 during a recent SDLG customer care visit.


SDLG is seeing sales of its machines increase in both Russia and Ukraine. In February, the company broke its monthly sales record for same month in Russia, selling 92 machines and US$30,000 worth of parts and services — the most in SDLG’s 16-year history in the country.

Over in neighboring Ukraine, SDLG sold a further 10 machines following a series of customer care visits across the country.


“Our increased market share in Russia and Ukraine is thanks to the hard work of our SDLG dealers and sales team, who go above and beyond to ensure customers select the ideal machines for the application and follow up with proactive aftermarket services,” said Shi Dong, vice general manager of SDLG Export Team.


In Russia, all machines are sold through Rus Business Auto, an SDLG dealership since 2004. Headquartered in Moscow, Rus Business Auto provides construction equipment to customers and has 32 branches across the country.


In Ukraine, SDLG is represented by TDC & ETS., while TDC, established in 2011, is headquartered in KIEV and has 11 branches across the country.


The machines sold in Russia and Ukraine include the LG933L, LG936L, L956FH and L968F wheel loaders; the RS7120 and RS7120 soil compactor; the B877F backhoe loader; and the E6300F excavator. The most popular SDLG models in the region are the LG936L and LG956H.


Powered by a 92 kW Weichai Deutz engine, the 3 t-rated LG936L is highly-maneuverable. The 1.8 m3 bucket on the unit can be raised to a dumping height of 3.3 m, and the maximum breakout force is 96 kN.


The 5 t-rated LG956H features a 3.2 m3 bucket, which can be raised to a dumping height of 3100 m, and the maximum breakout force is 175 kN.


The simple design of SDLG wheel loaders and their cost-effectiveness have made them popular for load-and-carry operations of various kinds around the world.


“In Russia and Ukraine, customers are looking for affordable construction equipment for vital infrastructure projects, agriculture and mining that delivers high productivity and ROI,” Shi Dong said. “We are seeing increased sales of SDLG machines in the region because our machines are designed to deliver reliability in action and efficiency.”