SDLG pivots to railway delivery amid COVID-19 to meet Kazakhstan dealer demand for machines and parts
Release Date: 2020.05.12 Views: 396

SDLG overcame lockdown road closure issues to deliver a fleet of wheel loaders, motor graders and various spare parts to its Kazakhstan dealer.


With roads closed between China and Kazakhstan amid COVID-19, SDLG transformed its delivery system from trucks to trains to ensure local dealer TOO Sevalo Engineering Machinery Kazakhstan has the necessary inventory to meet demands.


SDLD dealer TOO Sevalo Engineering Machinery Kazakhstan says they are thrilled that SDLG is demonstrating reliability in action and overcoming road closures to help restock its inventory with SDLG LG933L and LG953 loaders, as well as G9190 graders. These SDLG machines are gaining popularity in Kazakhstan for construction because they offer value for money and high uptime.


In 2019, Kazakhstan saw housing construction grow 12 percent, while agriculture and mining grew 4%, according to Astana Times. The shipment for TOO Sevalo Engineering Machinery Kazakhstan included 52 SDLG wheel loaders and motor graders along with machine parts. The huge rail convoy departed Qingdao, China, on April 27 and arrived in Almaty,Kazakhstan, on May 3.


SDLG wheel loaders offer operators reliable performance and excellent durability in material handling tasks. The machine’s load-sensing, fully-hydraulic system reduces power consumption and improves working efficiency through a single-pump design. The enlarged radiator also optimizes the use of inlet and outlet air channels to lower the temperature of water and oil in the hydraulic system, making SDLG wheel loaders highly energy efficient and reliable.


Equipped with a Weichai Deutz turbocharged engine, the 3 ton-rated LG933L offers users reliable performance and excellent durability. With a power output of 92 kW at 2,300 rpm, the LG933L can handle material handling tasks with ease while its maximum gradeability is 30 degrees. Overall working weight for the unit is 10,200 – 10,250 kg and the machine can deliver up to 96 kN of breakout and traction force. Its steep 45-degree dump angle and high 45-degree bucket rollback allows for more efficient load carrying and quicker cycle times. Bucket options for the loader vary from 1.4 m3 – 3 m3, and the design includes a thickened anti-friction plate which minimizes cutting resistance. 


The SDLG LG953 loaders feature a Weichai engine with a 162 kW power rating. The average zero-failure timespan of 720 hours is significantly higher than the industry average among competitors, giving users unrivalled reliability levels. With the flexibility to operate in multiple applications from hard rock to soft sand, the 5 ton-rated LG953 also offers an ergonomic design including wrap-around glass window and air-conditioned cab, allowing it to maintain productivity in all weather and across a variety of job sites.  

SDLG engineered the G9190 motor graders with flexibility in mind. With a Machine Blade Control System, operators can swing the blades independently using hydraulic mechanical levers in the cab. At the same time, operators can use the machines’ Dual Hydraulic Cylinders to reposition blades with their loads on. This allows the graders to pivot their blades a total of 52 degrees and lift the blades 1112.5px above the ground. As a result, there are a plethora of applications suitable for the G1910, including ditching and slope scraping, pavement leveling and site preparation.  


“Our new railway delivery system opens up a safer, more cost efficient and faster way of moving machines and parts between our factory in China, to customers in Kazakhstan and beyond,” said Wang Xiaohui, general manager of SDLG Import and Export Company.


TOO Sevalo Engineering Machinery Kazakhstan is based in Almaty and has 12 branches around the country.