SDLG Plans to Celebrate One-year Anniversary of Winning the EFQM Global Excellence Award
Release Date: 2020.10.10 Views: 280

Together with CAQ (China Association for Quality) SDLG has planned to hold the one-year anniversary event on October 15 for being awarded 7 stars with outstanding achievement in people at EFQM Award 2019.

The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) with representatives of SDLG at the awarding ceremony in Helsinki, Finland

EFQM Global Excellence recognition is considered one of the top endorsements for process improvement and quality management in the world, akin to the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award in the US and the Deming Prize in Japan. 75 EFQM award assessors from 40 countries came together to recognise SDLG for its employee management processes. This is the second time SDLG has been nominated by EFQM, having previously won the Chinese Quality award.

Putting People First

For 45 years, SDLG has striven to embody its company policy ‘innovation-driven, quality first’, constantly benchmarking itself against the global construction market. It has accumulated several quality awards, including the 2017 Asian Network for Quality Award. With operational quality at the core of its brand, SDLG has positioned itself as an industry leader for internal operations, consistently evolving to stay up to date and improve employee processes.

SDLG has established a forward-thinking employee management model where employee input is greatly valued in company development processes, from management to technology. In an effort to implement new, innovative process methods, workers, technicians and managers come together to greatly improve the efficiency of different organisational areas, known as the to “1+1+1 >3″ model.

As well as its focus on people, SDLG combines innovation and advanced manufacturing technology to continuously improve equipment production. The company is one of the world’s top 50 construction equipment manufacturers and one of China’s three major construction equipment exporters, providing high-quality products and services to customers around the world.

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