The SDLG Excavators for Its bauma CHINA "SWORDS" Live Show
Release Date: 2020.10.17 Views: 363

SDLG will showcase a full range of excavators, including E680F, E6210F and E6500F during the live stream of SDLG bauma CHINA "SWORDS" Live Show: Factory Virtual Tour on October 23,2020.

The Yanmar powered 8t compact excavator has a bucket capacity of 0.32 m³ with a maximum digging force of 56 kN. It’s compatible with breaker piping, rubber pads and other accessories to be used in urban and rural tasks.

This tough 21t excavator is equipped with the in-house developed EECU, VECU, IECU and KEYPAD. It has strong power with a digging force of 147.1kN to make it work at multiple mining sites.

SDLG E6500F, also known as the “Hammer King” of many mining sites in China, was debuted on April 19, 2019. It is equipped with Kawasaki hydraulic pump with a maximum digging force of 276.5 kN. It’s designed to handle heavy-duty works in either mining or large construction site.

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