SDLG Electric Excavator Strikes a Stunning Pose at CIEME 2021
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At CIEME 2021, SDLG showcases electric intelligent equipment and solutions under all kinds of working conditions, which attracts the widespread attention and heated discussion from many insiders, customers and visitors.

On October 22, 2021, the 20th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition 2021 (CIEME) grandly raises the curtain in Shenyang International Exhibition Center. With focus on the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing: Transformation and Revitalizing”, CIEME 2021 is held in both online and offline manners.

With exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, CIEME 2021 is composed of eight pavilions in total, and brings together 812 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, including 676 domestic enterprises and 136 overseas and foreign-invested enterprises. These exhibitors come from the United States, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Republic of Korea, Turkey, Spain, as well as Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan.

On the day of opening ceremony, SDLG E660HEV Electric Excavator feasts numerous visitors’ eyes with its special coating and unique shape. This excavator is designed for the construction work in relatively narrow areas. It adopts high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, characterized by battery life of up to six hours and fast charging, and installed with permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with a small volume and a high power density, which is set according to the usual revolving speed and working mode of the excavator, thereby ensuring the smooth motor operations in a high-efficiency area. “What a shining excavator.” a visitor praised after learning about the parameters and performance advantages in detail.


Founded in 1972, SDLG has always regarded “Scientific and Technological Innovation” as the primary productive force of enterprise development. Insisting on “Reliability in Action”, SDLG launches intelligent manufacturing in all aspects of operations, spares no effort for quality improvement of various construction machinery products, gains profound insights into customer needs, and meticulously develops a complete set of solutions from port logistics to smart mine.

Thanks to unswerving development efforts and thorough experience in the past five decades, SDLG has grown into a large-sized backbone conglomerate in the Chinese construction machinery industry. With honorable title of “National High-tech Enterprise”, SDLG boasts advanced process equipment, testing equipment and sophisticated management system to underpin product performance and top quality. SDLG is also an industry leader in terms of customer satisfaction and market share. Main product covers Loader, Excavator and Road Machinery. More than one hundred product models are available for sales. SDLG products command a ready market in 132 countries and regions across Eastern Europe, South America, Middle East and South Asia.

Due to the increasingly severe energy loss and environmental pollution in China and the proposed goals of “Carbon Neutrality” and “Carbon Peaking”, new energy orientation of equipment becomes an inevitable trend of industry development.


From 2007 onwards, SDLG has devoted to R&D of energy-saving technology. After research project for three years and industrialized testing for 24 months, SDLG was the first to roll out a new-generation energy-saving machinery model in the industry in 2009, thereby popularizing and applying energy-saving technology in the Chinese construction machinery and effectively improving the industry-wide independent innovation capability and technical attainment.

In the following years, SDLG continuously carried out technological improvements and intelligent upgrades to these energy-saving machinery and equipment, and made products more competitive in the domestic and foreign markets. In recent years, against the backdrop of continuous progress in the deep integration of the Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and manufacturing sector, SDLG not only brings full play to the sophisticated technologies and processes in one continuous pedigree, but also makes breakthroughs one after another in the fields of product electrification and intelligence. The well-designed L956HEV Electric Loader and E6225HEV Electric Excavator have set pioneering examples in the industry.

On the fast track of intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and emission reduction, SDLG runs at an “accelerated speed”. Through technology advancements and intelligent upgrades, SDLG dedicates to creating top-notch products and equipment, and goes on forging ahead towards the ambitious goal of “Smart SDLG”.


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