SDLG Makes an Innovation Date with World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC) 2021 again
Release Date: 2021.11.02 Views: 225

SDLG showcased sophisticated electric product technologies and cutting-edge industrial design innovations in construction machinery manufacturing industry at WIDC 2021.

On October 22, 2021, under the theme of “Design · The Age of Digital Intelligence”, WIDC 2021 grandly raises the curtain in Yantai, Shandong Province, with an aim to propel comprehensive empowerment of digital intelligent design in terms of product, service, data, manufacturing, ecosystem, innovation, entrepreneurship and other aspects. SDLG makes a stunning pose with sophisticated electric engineering machinery product technologies, and cutting-edge industrial design innovations in construction machinery manufacturing industry.

World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC), a national class event hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is the largest-scale and highest-profile international design development one in the Chinese industrial design industry. Jointly organized by design organizations, institutions, enterprises and universities from 46 countries and regions, WIDC is highly praised and passionately joined by the domestic and foreign design communities, and boasts significant global influence.

In recent years, as the global economic and social development concepts and modes have entered a new stage, industrial design has attracted widespread attention and has become an important driving force for promoting high-quality sustainable development. For this reason, “Improvement of Innovative Design Capability” is explicitly incorporated into “Made in China 2025” according to Manufacturing Power Strategy.


Since SDLG was approved to establish Shandong Industrial Design Center in 2012, it has always attached great importance to product industrial design, continuously made greater efforts for the construction of industrial design teams, and actively launched cooperation among industries, universities and research institutes. This not only vigorously fuels the improvement of industrial design capability, but also constantly shapes up core competitiveness of products through industrial design. Up to now, SDLG has won many important awards, such as “National-level Industrial Design Center” (2019), “Chinese Industrial Innovation Benchmark Enterprise” (2020), Gold Award of “Governor Cup” Industrial Design Competition (2020).


SDLG has rolled out a variety of pure electric products, including Wheel Loaders, Compact Excavators, Medium and Large Excavators. Take the second-generation pure electric small excavator E660HEV as an example. It adopts large-capacity battery and DC fast charging solutions. No particulate matter, nitrogen oxide or carbon dioxide is emitted in the process of operation. Since it was put on the market, E660HEV has gained reputation in terms of performance, stability and failure rate. It takes pride in comfortable driving experience, energy saving and environment friendliness, and demonstrates strong competitive power in strength, rigidity, sealing, denoising and heat dissipation potential.


In recent years, SDLG has gained ground in ever-increasingly improved automation, digitization, networking and intelligence of production and operation management. Nowadays, SDLG is moving towards the goal of “Intelligent Plant” and “Smart SDLG”. At the same time, SDLG applies the globally-advanced enterprise information management system to cover all nodes of production and operation. SDLG can develop and customize product function and performance according to the needs of users under different working conditions.

In order to grasp the core common key technologies of pure electric construction machinery, SDLG has made a large number of technical breakthroughs in driving motor system, on-board power supply system, thermal management system, vehicle control system, integrated matching, module design and industrialization. Beginning with the first-generation energy-saving technology product with energy saving rate of 10%, SDLG achieves continuous product upgrade and harvests the pure electric products with zero emission. With product updates in an endless stream, SDLG also works hard to reduce emissions from the production procedures through technological innovation, optimized management and lean production. In this way, SDLG seeks after the perfect balance between industrial civilization and environmental protection.

SDLG will constantly and profoundly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and play the role of a power engine by making due contributions to enhancing the competitiveness of China Industry, revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, pushing forward high-quality innovative development of the industry, exerting itself in the process of transformation and upgrade from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.