SDLG Side Dumping Loaders Contribute to Infrastructure Construction in Bhutan
Release Date: 2021.12.07 Views: 209

In the early November 2021, three SDLG L936 side dumping loaders were delivered to the construction site of a major customer in Bhutan, indicating the debut of SDLG Loader in this market.


Bhutan, a small South Asian country located between China and India, has long been“marginalized” in the construction machinery market. Since 2021, in the context of severe blows from COVID-19 Pandemic for overseas markets, SDLG has made greater efforts to develop neighboring market by vigorously participating in the procurement tender in cooperation with the Bhutan local Dealer.

This section of the road is involved with tunnels construction. After SDLG salesperson repeatedly communicated with the customer to identify its specific demands, it was concluded that SDLG L936 side dumping loader could satisfy the construction demand of the project. In the process of procurement tendering, SDLG finally won the bid with its meticulous service and lofty brand reputation despite tough competition from other brands.

When this batch of SDLG loaders arrived at the construction site, SDLG dealer had already stored spare parts to ensure the after-sales service and got ready for the next batch of orders from the customer.

The successful introduction of SDLG loader into the Bhutanese market marks an important milestone for SDLG to expand its influential presence in the South Asian market. Quality SDLG products would like to make due contributions to the infrastructure construction of the South Asian countries in full swing!

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