​New Strategy, New Opportunity and New Journey ---2022 SDLG Global Dealer Virtual Conference was Held
Release Date: 2021.12.10 Views: 236

On December 9th 2021, 2022 SDLG Global Dealer Virtual Conference was grandly held in Jinan. Wang Zhizhong, SDLG Chairman, Yu Mengsheng, SDLG President, Chi Feng, SDLG Chief Engineer, Wang Xiaohui, GM of SDLG Import and Export, Yang Yihua, SEVALO Chairman and representatives from SINOSURE attended the conference. Tomas Kuta, VCE Senior Vice President Region Asia, and more than 100 dealers all over the world attended the conference online.

With the theme of "New Strategy, New Opportunity and New Journey", this conference has two sessions: Business theme & Business operation. At this conference, SDLG announced its strategic adjustment, switched from "dual-brand" strategy to "dual-channel" strategy, and released a new generation of wheel loader and excavator through AR technology.

In 2021, in the face of the severe challenges brought by COVID-19 and shipping logistics, SDLG and its global dealers were highly effective in coordination, work and pull together, and tackling difficulties, the machine export volume hit a new record, which further consolidated the leading position among the construction machinery industry. At this virtual conference, SDLG presented five awards, including "Excellent Service Performance Award", "Wheel Loader Market Share Increase Award", "Excavator Excellent Sales Performance Award", "Road Machinery Excellent Sales Performance Award" and "Outstanding Performance Award". 24 dealers from East Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and America won the Awards respectively, and relevant dealer representatives made speeches.

SDLG Chairman gave a keynote speech on the cooperation experience between SDLG and VCE, the competition pattern between Chinese brands and foreign brands, the development and improvement of excavator business, the opportunities and challenges brought by SDLG new strategies, and the overseas market development plan of SDLG in the Post-Covid-19-Epidemic era, to thank its global dealers for their full & warm support and help to SDLG's overseas business, congratulate all the dealers on their excellent achievements since the Covid-19, and extend Christmas and New Year wishes to all the business partners.

SDLG President made a speech for work plan entitled Strengthening Confidence, Facing Challenges, Strengthening Communication and Creating New Brilliance, to make the specific requirements from the development overview of global and Chinese construction machinery brands, the development strategy and positioning of SDLG in the next three years, internal organizational structure adjustment, distribution optimization and integration, overseas product line expansion, etc., and invite all the overseas dealers to gather in Linyi for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of SDLG in 2022 .

Wang Xiaohui, GM of SDLG Import and Export, made the report of Overseas Market Operation Report in 2021 and Overseas Market Development Plan in 2022 on behalf of SDLG. Heads of Products, Sales, Service and Key Accounts departments made the detailed report and formulated the overseas products competitive advantages, sales targets, service targets, key account development targets and guarantee measures in 2022.