SDLG Wins Bid for "Build, Build, Build" Program in the Philippines
Release Date: 2021.12.28 Views: 159

Recently SDLG successfully wins the bid for a large-scale municipal construction project of "Build, Build, Build" Program in the Philippines.

The "Build, Build, Build" (BBB) Program is a large-scale infrastructure investment plan announced by the Philippine government in 2017. Since then, the program has seen an investment of 8.4 trillion pesos (approximately 1.16 trillion RMB) in infrastructure construction across the country in the next six years.  This exciting and challenging project is one of the 100 flagship projects among BBB program.

Located in Davao City, the project is the construction of a 2.3km long, 8m high, and 10m wide tunnel, requiring special tunnel loaders for material transfer. SDLG reacted immediately once receiving the bidding information. After analyzed the working conditions, L955Fc was chosen for the bid. L955Fc is a multi-functional machine equipped with a side dumping bucket for left or right side unloading without turning around. Its high operating efficiency could perfectly meet the demand. Always putting safety first, SDLG sales team proactively proposed tire protection chain configuration. The customer was greatly impressed by SDLG's considerate solution, and finally choose SDLG.

Now, the L955Fc loaders have already successively arrived at the project construction site and have been put into good use. As the project progresses, SDLG will continue to track the product performance, and will perform follow-up and on-site services. SDLG does not just deliver and disappear, but is committed to laying a solid foundation for in-depth cooperation with its customers in the future.

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