SDLG unveiled its new H-Series wheel loaders
Release Date: 2022.01.07 Views: 257

On Dec 9, 2021, SDLG launched 3 new developed wheel loaders, L918H, L936H and L956H, during the 2022 Global Dealer Virtual Conference through AR technology. This marks that SDLG H-series wheel loaders are official released to overseas markets.

Compared with the previous F-Series wheel loaders, all H-Series wheel loaders have applied new streamlined appearance. This design tends to meet the taste of young operator. Both the driveline and hydraulic system have been optimized to provide better efficiency and durability. The fully upgraded ROPS & FOPS is equipped with cutting-edge digital dashboard, the driving experience and HMI have been greatly improved.


Since H2, 2021, SDLG Import & Export Co. has taken the lead to boost the H-Series wheel loader overseas introduction program. Supported by R&D and its overseas dealers, the product development and trail sale have made a success.

The H-Series wheel loaders includes 9 models ranging from 1.6T to 7T, by means of these rich offer, SDLG will gain more trust from dealers and customers, and is expected to expand its market share further in 2022.

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