SDLG Large-Tonnage Machine Shines at Gobi Desert in Mongolia
Release Date: 2022.01.20 Views: 163

Recently SDLG delivered 10 units large-tonnage excavators and wheel loaders to Gobi Desert in Mongolia.


As the second largest landlocked country in the world, Mongolia has been widely covered by grasslands with the world’s lowest population density. The Gobi Desert is located in the south, and the largest proven coal mines there have been a battlefield for construction machinery manufacturers.

The working condition is rather tough. In addition to the common enlarged buckets and the long booms, coal mine construction has strict requirements for pulverized coal protection. Cab seals, oil-bath air cleaners, air conditioning systems, and structural pin shaft oil seals can all affect the continuous performance.

The SDLG regional staff, together with the local dealer have visited the working sites multiple times to collect the solid information on the working conditions and construction process to be able to recommend the best fit E6460F excavator. It is powered by the premium VOLVO engine with enlarged bucket, oil bath type air cleaner, large-sized main control valve, double rotary motor, imported hydraulic parts, independent cooling system, and fully enclosed cab with air conditioner. In addition, based on the conditions of the onsite dump truck, SDLG has also recommended the 8T wheel loader L989F that is also powered by VOLVO engine with long boom, enlarged bucket, automatic transmission and wet brake axles to guarantee the high performance.




It’s the vast Gobi Desert with the sparsely populated regions that highlights the need for the efficient service and maintenance. The local dealer offered maintenance and consumable parts within 2,000 working hours on site, plus a resident engineer to provide timely maintenance service.

As of now, E6460F excavator has been put into work in South Gobi Coal Mine for an average of 6,500 hours, and the L989F wheel loader has been operated for more than 5,000 hours with zero downtime. The high performance of SDLG equipment, together with the efficient after-sales service in all conditions have made SDLG shining at the Gobi Desert.