SDLG Rolled out First Mobile Service Station in Overseas Market
Release Date: 2022.01.29 Views: 85

SDLG First Mobile Service Station was launched in Zambia, Africa to provide comprehensive and efficient service to local customers.

Even if Africa is composed of many countries and the market volume of single country is low, there are many Chinese state-owned companies (corporate customers) in Africa. The needs of individual customers and corporate customers for service and parts differ greatly. If local dealers establish Service Station in each country, the cost is too high to cover. How to meet the needs of individual customers and corporate customers both, is a question to be addressed.


In order to shorten the service radius and service time, improve customer satisfaction, SDLG has creatively launched the service mode of Mobile Service Station, that is, a container covers the repair zone, parts storage zone, and service staff office & accommodation zone. This service mode can basically meet the needs of the key accounts for parts, repair and maintenance service, which combines low cost, flexible moving and high adaptability.


After further improvement, recently, the first SDLG Mobile Service Station was established in Zambia, in order to meet the needs of coal mine customers in the south of the country. SDLG has quite a number of wheel loaders, excavators and mining trucks there. The Mobile Service Station has greatly improved the service timeliness in the mining area. After a period operation, this mode has won customers' appreciation and has won more sales.     


The Mobile Service Station is an initiative in service innovation. Adhering to the concept of “Fast, Expert, Care”, SDLG will keep providing better service to customers all over the world.