SDLG Mining Solution Yielded Fruitful Result in Africa
Release Date: 2022.02.16 Views: 100

Recently, SDLG successively delivered 32 units of machine to the key account in Africa.

Africa is of great importance in the construction of "The Belt and Road" Initiative. With Sino-African cooperation deepening and domestic and international circulations progressing smoothly, more and more Chinese state-owned companies are participating in the local mining project.


After years of development, SDLG has formed a comprehensive product range and rolled out a mining product portfolio, including large excavator, large wheel loader, wide-body mining truck, motor grader and road roller. Besides the one-stop solution for mining process, SDLG can also solve customers’ financing concerns with multiple options, and provide ”fast, expert, care” service, which are deeply favored by customers.


The customer attached great importance to quality and service, and conducted a comprehensive investigation before placed the order. Compared with several product solutions provided by different suppliers, the customer finally chose SDLG. In November 2021, the customer purchased SDLG wheel loaders, motor graders, road rollers and mining trucks, amounting to 32 units. “SDLG is known as reliability and high productivity. I am satisfied with the solution and its service guarantee. I’ve calculated that I can get more profits with SDLG machine.” the customer said.