SDLG Service Brand will be unveiled globally
Release Date: 2022.03.11 Views: 42

SDLG will release the TOP Service brand worldwide on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

TOP Service is SDLG another registered brand after TOP Driver which was initiated by SDLG aimed at nurturing talents for the industry. There will be a series of service strategies rolled out with the release of TOP Service brand. They are the systematic and comprehensive measures evolved from current settings, and will be the guidelines for all SDLG dealers and service staff to guarantee better service.

With the release of TOP Service, SDLG will take more detailed actions to improve parts availability and service capacity. More customer-oriented service initiatives will be launched as well.

The TOP Service brand will be released in Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa successively. With the release of service brand, SDLG will present more professional and more reliable images to the world.

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