SDLG L975F wheel loader shows its efficiency in Oman Quarry
Release Date: 2022.03.24 Views: 62

Middle East is covered by tracts of desert with dry climate. High temperature and blowing dusty make the working conditions extremely tough. However, the harsh working environment is just the best test ground to verify the performance of equipment. In the gravel yard located in the Oman desert, SDLG L975F wheel loader can be seen everywhere.

In Oman, SDLG L975F loader is mainly used for ore handling, site preparation, civil engineering and aggregate loading in quarry, which enjoys a good reputation on the overall performance, productivity and fuel efficiency. "SDLG machine works 14-15 hours a day. Its loading efficiency is pretty high. It saves me a lot of time, comparing with other brands I used before" the owner said. “By the way, I am really impressed by its centralized lubrication system. It’s very convenient to perform maintenance.”

The efficiency of L975F wheel loader lies on its reliable configurations:

· It adopts real 7T platform and Volvo box-type chassis with 5.5m³ bucket capacity as standard.

· Powered by Weichai WP10 engine, its maximum traction force reaches 229kN.

· It configures HT200 heavy duty automatic transmission, and the lifetime can reach more than 15,000 hours.

· Its 3550mm wheelbase that is longer than most competitors makes the machine more stable.


It takes a long time to develop a reliable product. In order to verify the machine’s performance and satisfy user’s demand, SDLG has carried out intensive visits to better understand the users’ opinions since its launch. During the visits, L975F received much recognition, but SDLG placed a higher value on recommendations and complaints from the users. With continuous improvements, L975F become more reliable for various heavy-duty working conditions. 

Adhering to customer-oriented philosophy, SDLG is committed to providing fast, expert, care service guarantee. In Oman market, L975F has ranked the top in the number of retail. SDLG will keep to focus on product improvement to live up to customers’ trust.

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