SDLG TOP Service® and two excavator models rolled out in the Philippines
Release Date: 2022.05.10 Views: 33

On May 5, 2022, SDLG rolled out E6210F crawler excavator and E7150F wheeled excavator, a new standard in reliability, in the Philippines. On the launch campaign, SDLG TOP Service® was released to provide powerful support to the local customers with the core concept of “Expert, Fast, Care”.


The Philippines is one of the most important countries along the Belt and Road, and its construction machinery industry driven by local infrastructure development continues to grow. It has been nearly 10 years since SDLG entered in 2012. Now SDLG brand has won a high popularity and recognition here.

This campaign began with the release of two star excavator products, E6210F crawler excavator and E7150F wheeled excavator, both of which are the mainstream models in the Philippines. Featured with high reliability, low noise emission and multi-functionality, both models are widely applied in many working conditions. Their launch will enrich SDLG product portfolio in the Philippines and bring new construction solutions to the customers.


During this campaign, SDLG grandly released TOP Service® brand, which is the overseas after-market service brand registered by SDLG. Adhering to “Expert, Fast, Care” core concept, SDLG is committed to the service vision of “Become the preferred Chinese Brand” for global customers, which reflects the customer-centric philosophy.

Due to the COVID-19, this launch campaign was held online, but the enthusiasm of Filipino customers was unstoppable. A total of more than 230 customers from different companies participated online. They are impressed by the excellent performance of the two excavators, and more impressed by SDLG persistent pursuit of premium service. This campaign achieved a great success with more than a dozen orders placed and several dozens of intended orders.

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