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In recent years, SDLG has been gearing up in the field of green products and rolling out a series of wheel loaders and excavators. L956HEV, L968HEV pure electric wheel loaders and the differentiated versions have been deeply favored and appraised by the customers since their launch.

Low-carbon energy development concerns the future of humanity. Responding to the country's commitment to carbon peak and carbon neutrality, SDLG is actively committed to the innovation of electric products. Teaming up with domestic well-known suppliers, SDLG has successfully developed pure electric wheel loaders and excavators with reliable battery system, motor system and electric control system.

L956HEV is a 5 ton pure electric wheel loader developed by SDLG, combining the stability and  reliability  of  traditional wheel loaders with the fast response speed of pure electric wheel loaders. It can work 4-6 hours when fully charged. Compared with traditional wheel loaders, it can greatly reduce the cost. Its battery modules are well-located in an independent space with intelligent temperature controlling system to monitor the working temperature and three-level safety lock to prevent current leakage, which make the battery system safe and reliable. On the basis of L956HEV, SDLG has improved the battery capacity and launched its upgraded model L956HEV-Pro with longer battery life. To make it larger, SDLG has also introduced a 6T electric loader L968HEV based on the 6T wheel loader development platform.

SDLG continually develops new products to cover more working conditions. L956HEV side dump wheel loader is specifically designed for tunnel working, featured with reinforced front and rear frames and working devices. Its side dump bucket is optimized, which is easier to be fully loaded. The direction of unloading can be shifted without disassembling the cylinder. Moreover, there are different battery configurations at your choice.

As public awareness of environmental protection has been raised, more and more customers are willing to choose electric products to replace the traditional ones. SDLG green products have been widely praised by the market and is widely used in complex conditions, such as tunnels, power plants, ports and logistics. To aim high, SDLG is accelerating the pace of launching globally to bring the green to every corner of the world.