After 50 years of struggle, we start a new journey—SDLG 50thanniversary celebration was held grandly
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On December 17, 2022, with the theme of "After 50 years of struggle, we start a new journey", the SDLG 50th anniversary celebration ceremony was held in Linyi, Shandong Province. In addition to the main venue in Linyi, the ceremony also sets up 11 sub-venues in Jinan and other places. SDLG leaderships, employees, dealers, customers, suppliers, and representatives of the news media gathered together to celebrate the achievements and glories since the establishment of the enterprise.


The wheel of history is rolling forward, and the development of the times will never stop. Founded in 1972, SDLG has consistently and down-to-earthly focused on manufacturing, research, and development of construction machinery for 50 years. It has transformed step by step and has achieved the first place in the sales of wheel loaders, the top three in the sales of excavators amongst Chinese OEMs, and has been industry-leading in intelligent manufacturing among domestic competitors. The impressive performance has developed into an internationally renowned large-scale construction machinery group..

From the Governor's Quality Award, the National Machinery Industry Quality Award, to the National Quality Award, the Asian Quality Excellence Award, and then to the EFQM Global Excellence Award, SDLG has continued to surpass on the road of creating a brand with quality. The inheritance and pursuit of quality over the past 50 years have enabled SDLG's products to be widely recognized by customers.

SDLG’s leading products currently cover three categories and their core components, including wheel loaders, excavators and road machinery. Its business spreads more than 130 countries and regions around the world. Relying on innovative products and services, SDLG has built an international network that radiates the globe, competed with world giants in the global market, and explored a road of internationalization with SDLG characteristics.



On the afternoon of the celebration, the off-line ceremony of SDLG's 500,000th wheel loader was held. The development and transformation of SDLG wheel loaders are also the epitomes of the development of the Chinese wheel loader industry. From 1977, when the first Z450 wheel loader completed trial production, to 2022, the 500,000th wheel loader successfully rolled off the production line. From 3T, 4T, and 5T models to 7T, 8T, and 12T models, from being awarded provincial excellent and ministerial excellent products to being awardedChina's Famous brand products and the champion of wheel loader  industry; over the years, SDLG wheel loader has gradually developed and grown to be industrial first in China.


What follows is the opening ceremony of SDLG Museum. The museum is a cultural link connecting history and reality. The completion and opening of the SDLG Museum is an important achievement of SDLG corporate culture construction. The SDLG Museum, which started construction in February 2021, has a construction area of 10,000 square meters and exhibits more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics and historical materials. The 50-year development process of not forgetting the original intention and forging ahead has become a monument that condenses the 50-year struggle history of SDLG. The exciting online event attracted active interaction from customers, partners, and fans from all over the world, and the total number of live broadcast participants reached 7.6 million.

We start a new journey at a new starting point, and what remains unchanged is SDLG's solemn commitment to "Reliability in Action.” Looking forward to the future, SDLG will continue to undertake the mission of development in the new era bravely, make steady progress towards a century-old foundation, continue to innovate, use strong R&D capabilities to create more high-quality products for the markets and users, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's construction machinery.