Review 2022, the extraordinary year of SDLG
Release Date: 2023.01.05 Views: 76

2022 is the year of SDLG 50th anniversary. Looking back at the extraordinary year. Facing a series of challenges such as the industry downturn and the impact of the COVID-19, SDLG has always been adhering to the spirit of diligence, devotion, loyalty, dedication, and the belief of reliability in action and has written a colorful chapter of innovation and development!

The year of high-quality development


As an “Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprise” in Shandong Province, SDLG actively involved in the digital transformation, focused on “digital SDLG” and “smart SDLG”, and got into a favorable position in the global value chain of high-end construction machinery manufacturing industry. In this year, SDLG 500,000th wheel loaders rolled off the production line. SDLG ranked fourth in China Top 10 construction machinery manufacturers in 2022, and continued to rank among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers. It is for the ninth consecutive year that SDLG has been on the list of “China's 500 Most Valuable Brands” and the brand value has reached a new height to be 57.186 billion RMB.

The year of developing green products


In 2022, SDLG speeded up the investment in green products and made fruitful achievements. In this year, SDLG new H-series products with China Tier IV emission standards were released, featuring "stronger power, smarter control, more reliable quality and more driving comfort", and brought greater economic benefits for customers. SDLG actively responded to the national carbon neutrality and carbon peak strategy and launched green products such as electric wheel loaders and electric excavators, helping users reduce costs and realize green transformation, which geared up for the era of electrification.

The year of fulfilling social responsibility


2022 witnessed the 10th anniversary of SDLG Top Driver Campaign in China. In this year, SDLG launched an online communication platform to help operators improve their operating ability, promote cost reduction and efficiency increase so as to realize wealth creation and accumulation. Joint with Zhejiang University, SDLG unveiled “Joint Research Center for High-End Engineering Equipment Intelligence and Safety Technology”, and the wisdom of universities and industrial demands were perfectly connected. As the "chain leader" of construction machinery industry chain in Shandong province, SDLG continued to promote deeper integration of the innovation, industrial, and talent chains, improved the supply chain system and accelerated the development of the industrial Internet, optimized the layout, promoted the development of industries from agglomeration to clusters, and achieved the high-quality development of construction machinery.

The year of internationalization

In 2022, SDLG accelerated the pace of internationalization and continuously optimized the global layout. SDLG TOP Service brand was released worldwide. With the service concept of “Expert, Fast, Care” and the service vision of “to be customer preferred Chinese brand”, SDLG rolled out a series of service strategies that would be the guidelines for all SDLG dealers and service staff to guarantee better service. During this year, SDLG has been deeply involved in the overseas market, actively participated in the construction of the "Belt and Road", accelerated the transformation from “going out” to “integrating in”, and shifted from the regional market to the global value chain ecosystem. With high reliable and cost-effective products and high quality service, SDLG has been creating a more competitive Chinese brand.

 Standing at a brand-new starting point, SDLG adheres to the development concept of “efficiency first, leading technology”, vigorously enhances the spirit of “diligence, devotion, loyalty, dedication”, and sets sail with firm confidence and starts a magnificent new journey to build a centennial SDLG!