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LG953, a long-wheelbase loader for loading bulk materials and hard materials, features large breakout force and tipping load enjoyed by long-wheelbase loader as well as the flexibility and small turning angle enjoyed by short-wheelbase loader, and is widely applied in areas like sand plants, ports, construction sites, mines etc.
1.The loader is equipped with the low-speed and high-torque China II Weichai engine featuring low fuel consumption, strong power and high reliability, for which a horizontally-mounted two-stage air filter of high reliability is installed.
2. The cooling system is applied with the electrically-controlled thermal energy management module and has its radiator structure and intake/exhaust duct optimized, effectively reducing the engine water temperature and the oil temperature of the hydraulic system, and enhancing the cooling efficiency of the complete loader.
3. The loader is applied with the technologically-sophisticated SDLG planetary transmission with two forward gears and one reverse gear, enabling easy operation, good reliability and high efficiency; the drive axle is reinforced to provide large loading capacity and high reliability.
4. The new steel cab applied offers for drivers a wide vision and a greater operating space, in which the full-coverage interioris configured to give a good sealing performance, and the optional A/C offers a good comfort.
5. The digitalizedstepping instrument panel independently developed by SDLG is applied, offering an effective human-machine interaction.
6. The loader is equipped with the load-sensing mechanically-controlled hydraulic steering system, allowing easy control, and stable and reliableperformance. The hydraulic pipelines are of dual-sealing structure, further enhancing the tightness of hydraulic system.
7. The loader is applied with the reinforced rear/front frames which have gone through 200,000 cycles of fatigue intensifying tests, and the load of complete loader is reasonably distributed, both of which contribute to a high loading capacity and a good stability.
8. The optimal design is conducted for the implement, which ensures large breakout force and high full-load coefficient; the main cutting board of the bucket is of the trapezoidal wear-resisting steel structure, and the bottom wear-resisting plate is of thickened structure, which ensures small shoveling resistance and good wear-resisting property.
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Operating weight(kg)
Bucket capacity(m³)
Rated load(kg)
Wheel base(mm)
Max.dumping height(mm)
Dumping distance(mm)
Steering angel(°)
Engine Model
Weichai WD10G220E21
Rated power(kW)
Emission standard
China Phase II
Max.tractive force(kN)
Max.breakout force(kN)
Forward 2 reverse 1
Total time(s)
Fuel tank capacity(L)
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