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L958F is the long wheelbase, energy-saving and high-end loader launched by SDLG, which has brand new appearance, high-end configuration, good stability and strong durability. This product has large breakout force and tipping load, featuring good stability, which is widely used in mining, heavy-load spading, stripping of original soil and other heavy-load conditions.

Wheel base is increased to 3300mm to make it suitable for operation under heavy industrial and mining environment such as mines.  
Weichai engine (two-stage) is adopted to realize large torque, strong power, low oil consumption, high quality and low emission. Dalian Deutz BF6M series engines is optional.
It is equipped with 93-type sand and dust filter with primary filtration accuracy up to over 93%; it is safe and reliable, and more suitable to sand and dust working condition. 
VRT200 gearbox is adopted with comprehensive efficiency increased by over 8% and front four and rear four electrohydraulic control shifts are employed with KD function and power cutoff and shift interlocking function, thus realizing high transmission efficiency, stable and easy operation. 
Reinforced drive axle with strengthened structure and rational load distribution are adopted to realize larger bearing capacity, high reliability, and prolonged service life, which has been proved by the market. 
The front transmission shaft is fitted with end face teeth and the cross axle diameter is increased to improve the overall strength and transmission torque, thus ensuring longer service life and higher reliability. 
Steel engine hood produced using automotive grade molds is adopted. It adopts the streamlined structure with surface welded points removed, making it look attractive and magnificent. The molded counterweight employs a more powerful shape to provide high reliability and strength. 
Parker KM300 multiway valve is adopted to render more smooth and accurate composite actions, large flow, high pressure and high efficiency. 

Energy efficient
Intelligent control cooling system is adopted to reduce energy consumption and ensure optimal working temperature of the entire machine. 

Brand new appearance cab with wide view is adopted to provide a comfortable, highly efficient operation environment. 
The concept of “visualization” and “maintenance on ground” is adhered to ensure it is easier to maintain the entire machine.
Reinforced oil cylinder is adopted with increased piston rod diameter and imported seals to completely prevent external leakage. The design service life of the oil cylinder is increased to 4000h from the previous 2000h. 
Electric system adopts centralized control mode. It is fitted with fuel gauge and engine tachometer and fault information can be displayed on LCD screen.  

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Operating weight(kg)
Bucket capacity(m³)
Rated load(kg)
Wheel base(mm)
Max.dumping height(mm)
Dumping distance(mm)
Steering angel(°)
Engine Model
Weichai WD10G220E21
Rated power(kW)
Emission standard
China Phase II
Max.tractive force(kN)
Max.breakout force(kN)
Forward 4 reverse 4
Total time(s)
Fuel tank capacity(L)
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